Work experience – Cancelled for Year 12 & Year 10

Dear Parent/Carer,

I regret to inform Year 10 and 12 students that work experience has been cancelled for this year. This difficult decision has been made in light of the recent changing circumstances. The process of work experience requires companies to commit to having a student twelve weeks in advance for all the relevant health and safety checks to be carried out, along with paperwork to be sent out and completed by all parties.  The health and safety company the school uses to carry out these checks, is going to find this very difficult over the coming weeks. Equally, companies themselves are in the unknown and are struggling to commit placements.

I understand this is very disappointment for students and once we are back at school we will look at making a plan. In the meantime, I will be contacting all placements which have already have been health and safety checked and any awaiting to be checked.

Any problems, please do not hesitate to contact myself.

Thank you for your support

Yours sincerely

Miss Gage

Careers Leader