Mrs Dowding - Head of Windrush House

House Background...

After World War II, Britain had lots of gaps in the labour market: more people were needed to work in lots of vital jobs, especially as manual workers, drivers, cleaners and nurses in the brand-new NHS. People were encouraged to move to Britain from the Caribbean and they travelled here by boat.  The biggest and most famous of these boats was the Empire Windrush, which brought 802 migrants to the UK, mostly from Jamaica. The arrival of the passengers was major national news and has become a symbol of Britain becoming a multicultural society. The majority of the people on the Windrush settled permanently in the UK, becoming an essential part of our society.

I am proud to be the head of Windrush House because this famous boat made our country more diverse and its people gave so much to their new country, having a fantastically positive impact on their communities – which is just what I want everyone in my house to aspire to do.

About Me...

Subjects taught – Maths and I’m also the leader of Careers & Work Experience

How long have you taught at SWRA – Since September 2020

Past School/s – I’ve taught at primary and secondary schools and even a nursery, in Lincoln, Scunthorpe, London and Germany!

Studied At – Open University, Bromley Schools Collegiate, University of Warwick & University of Lincoln – Maths & SEND Education


Movie: iRobot

Childhood Book: Tom’s Midnight Garden, by Philippa Pearce

Colour: Purple

Drink: Water

Food: Vegemite

Sports: I used to be a ballet, tap and jazz dance teacher, so I love to dance.  My favourite sports to watch are Formula 1 and football (COYG!)

Some Other Stuff...

Hobbies: I’m a leader in Girlguiding and also enjoy travelling, languages, going to church, dancing and playing the flute.

Pets: Two cats: Stoffel (very lazy) and Puggle (serial mouse-catcher!)

Dislikes: Nuts and swings

Interesting fact/ talent? As a child, I grew up in Australia.