Hello New Y7s.

I bet you have lots of feelings whizzing around about starting with us in September: excitement, nerves, intrigue. Hopefully you have met some of us before if you have been to see the school, but if not do not worry, we are all really friendly and are excited to meet you.

Below, you can see all our new Year 7 tutors profiles, this will give you a glimpse of our wonderful staff and will help to ease your worries giving you the chance to put a name to a face. Then in May/ early June our Heads of Year/ House will be either coming into your school to meet you and tell you about our wonderful school and the transition day or will set up a virtual meeting with you. After this you will be invited into school with your parents to attend an induction evening. On this evening you will have a welcome talk by the Head Teacher Mr Guest and meet the pastoral team and your Tutor/ Head of House. You will learn a little more about the school and get the opportunity to purchase your school uniform and arrange your transport. You will also see where we will start the day on our Induction Day. 

On this day you will get to know your tutor and spend a good couple of hours with them and meet all your new friends. These members of Staff will support you for the next 5-7 years. They will help you to find your feet when you first start and once you are settled, they will inspire you to work hard and fully engage in the life of our school – dreaming big and achieving so many wonderful things. You should bring your own packed lunch with you for this day. In the afternoon you will also experience a couple of taster lessons and get to meet some of our wonderful and dynamic teachers. 

This day is amazing and will make sure you all go home happy and excited to return!

In September you will also come into school for a full day before the rest of the school to meet your tutor again, re-familiarise yourself with our school and meet more of your teachers and all your new friends. By the time home-time arrives on that first day you will be buzzing with happiness and any butterflies you might have built up over the summer (and those your parents have!) will have disappeared.

Head over to our Heads of Year/ Year 7 Tutors page and enjoy reading about each Head of Year and the different Houses. Prior to the Induction evenings in July you will find out which House you are in too and you will meet all the Heads of House in person again in our welcome assembly.

The Heads of House and your tutors will meet you as you arrive to school in September (and me of course) and before you know it you will be in Y11, remembering how little you were on that first day but also how brave you were, how smart you looked and how resilient you’ve been. 

So all you have to do is concentrate on the end of Y6 studies. Information will come to you soon about who your tutor is, what house you are in, and when you will meet one of us (May/ June) in your Primary school or virtually in a teams meeting.

Take care and see you soon,

Mrs Mower
Head of Year 7

If your child is due to join us in September 2024, we realise that you may have many questions and need information to prepare for the big day. To help in this process we have highlighted areas of the website which you will find useful and have provided some information and dates below. Should you have any more questions, then please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions team on 01400 272422.

Once you have accepted your place at the school, we shall prepare your child’s New Starter Pack which includes forms to be completed in preparation for September 2024. This will be sent directly to you (by email).

Our induction day is on the 8th July 2024, where your child will be able to get involved in a range of activities and get a feel for what a school day at Sir William Robertson Academy is like! 

You may wish to visit our School Information section of the website which can be found under the ‘Parents’ menu as the information links below are mostly contained within that area.

Uniform or click to see a PDF: School uniform

House System/School Day

Hill Holt HammeringParentPay & Finance


Cashless Catering

Free School Meals

Pupil Premium

School Prospectus

Below is a really useful website which has some helpful information to make the transition from primary to secondary as smooth as possible.

Click to visit: Place2be.org.uk

HEADS OF YEAR - 2024/2025

More information coming very soon …….

Mrs Mower

Head of Year 7

Miss Breward

Head of Year 8

Mrs Jones

Head of Year 9

Miss Walker

Head of Year 10

Mrs Brewin

Head of Year 11

Miss Wilson

Head of Sixth Form

YEAR 7 BASE GROUPS - 2024/2025

More information coming very soon …….

Mr Gray

Base Group 7A

Miss Buxton

Base Group 7B

Mrs Sayer

Base Group 7C

Mr Andersen

Base Group 7D

Mr Saunders

Base Group 7E

Mrs Cook

Base Group 7F

Miss Spurgeon

Base Group 7G

HEADS OF HOUSE - 2024/2025

More information coming very soon …….

Miss Scorror

Head of
Seacole House

Mrs Dowding

Head of
Windrush House

Mr Costello

Head of
Robertson House

Miss Graves

Head of
Attenborough House