Arrangements for the start of term

The first day of term is Thursday 3rd September for Year 7 and Year 11 GCSE Food students. For all other year groups, the first day is Friday 4th September.

On Thursday 3rd September, our new Year 7 pupils will be welcomed at the school gates and guided to a welcome assembly in the school hall. The day will be filled with lots of exciting activities designed to help get pupils settled, make new friends and get to know their new school.

On Friday 4th September, all pupils will proceed straight to their new base-rooms as soon as they arrive in school. Pupils will spend the first part of the day in the Base-groups going through our new school procedures and routines. Please see the information below detailing the new Base-rooms and ensure your child remembers which room they are heading to (there will be plenty of staff on hand in case anybody gets lost!).

In addition to their usual school equipment, please remember to send your child to school with following:

• A face-mask
• A personal supply of alcohol-based hand-sanitizer
• A coat appropriate for the weather

In response to several recent queries: no pupils will need their PE kits on the first day and the school canteen will be open, serving a menu of hot and cold ‘grab and go’ options.

For further detail regarding the reopening of school, please see Mr Guest’s letter from 17th July 2020:

Returning to School September 2020

Please note, however, that the arrangements for school transport in Mr Guest’s letter have been superseded by this updated guidance from the Local Authority:

Local Authority Guidance

Finally, we are looking forward to welcoming everybody back; the school classrooms have been empty for too long. See you all soon!

Steve Grant
Deputy Headteacher

Sir William Robertson Academy - Base Group Structure September 2020

Base Group Tutor Base Room Fire Drill Number
7A Mrs Francis R3 6
7B Mr Giniff R4 7
7C Miss Sowden R5 8
7D Mr Reed R6 9
Head of Year 7 – Mrs Mower
Base Group Tutor Base Room Fire Drill Number
8A Mr Quincey R9 20
7B Mr Giniff R4 7
7C Miss Sowden R5 8
7D Mr Reed R6 9
Head of Year 8 – Miss Burrough