As a school we appreciate that some parents like to provide their children with mobile phones for the journey to and from school. However, during the school day any telephone contact between pupils and parents should be made through the school office. For this reason pupils are required to switch off their mobile phones whilst they are at school. For security reasons we ask that pupils hand their phones in to the office at the start of the day and then collect them after their last lesson. As a school we cannot be held responsible for the loss of or damage to phones that are not handed in to the office.

If pupils are caught using a mobile phone whilst on the school site this will be confiscated and passed to the school office. For a first offence the pupil will be allowed to collect the phone at the end of the same day. Parents will be contacted to inform them of the confiscation. A repeat of this offence will result in the phone being kept in the school office until parents are able to come and collect it personally.