At SWRA, the languages department provides a curriculum based on a mastery approach to grammar acquisition, in order to equip pupils with the ability to communicate with purpose, to be creative and independent. Pupils are able to use their grammatical mastery to further deepen their understanding of the English language (and any other language that they know).

Pupils are provided with opportunities to engage with cultures outside of their own and are able to fully understand that there are similarities and differences, but that neither is better or worse. They explore diversity through reading, listening and responding personally to a variety of topical and cross-curricular resources.

Every pupil, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to participate, have their views heard and know success.

Pupils learn to be resilient, inquisitive and supportive of their peers in an academically challenging, yet safe and supportive classroom culture, where mistakes are plentiful, celebrated and used to improve accuracy and understanding.