Mr Squire - Base Tutor 7H

About Me...

Tutor Group – 7H

Base Room – R4

House – Lancer

Subjects taught – History (best subject in The World)

How long have you taught at SWRA – I am brand new to the school same as Y7, I am starting in September 2022

Past School/s – I started work at The Wavell School in 2021 as a cover supervisor then trained at Faringdon Community College and King Alfred’s Academy 2013-2014. I started my first job teaching History (the best subject in The World) in 2014 back at The Wavell School. I moved to Sheffield Park Academy in 2017 and am looking forward to starting a new chapter and adventure at SWRA.

Studied At – Bangor University and Reading University


Movie: Ah too many to choose from! Probably Slumdog Millionaire.

Childhood Book: I grew up with Harry Potter

Colour: Orange

Drink: Energy drink but I’ve given them up!

Food: I like basically all food but pasta is always a winner

Sports: Hockey and cycling

Some Other Stuff...

Hobbies: Learning Danish and reading

Pets: None but I really want a dog!

Dislikes: Unfairness and selfishness.

Interesting fact/ talent? I have volunteered on an HIV/AIDs orphan support programme, climbed Kilimanjaro and shaved my head for charity (my photo is evidence).