Miss Tooze - Base Tutor 7C

About Me...

Tutor Group – 7C

Base Room – R11

House – Lancer

Subjects taught – History

How long have you taught at SWRA – I’m starting in September, so I will be new like you!

Past School/s – I trained at The Axholme Academy in North Lincolnshire and here at SWRA.

Studied At – The University of Manchester and Bishop Grosseteste University


Movie: Titanic

Childhood Book: Harry Potter

Colour: Pink or Orange

Drink: A hot mug of coffee

Food: Chocolate Hobnob

Sports: Swimming and skiing

Some Other Stuff...

Hobbies: Reading, baking, being outdoors, archaeology

Pets: None

Dislikes: Celery and not saying please and thank you 

Interesting fact/ talent? Before I became a teacher, I used to work as an archaeologist. I have excavated lots of exciting sites across Lincolnshire and even helped to uncover an intact Viking boat burial in Scotland!