Each student upon arrival at Sir William Robertson Academy is placed into a Base Group from one of the four Houses. They will remain in this base group and house until they leave. We run a horizontal base group system in which each group contains a mix of students from one year group. Base time is used to deliver the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme. This is a highly regarded national initiative which many schools have used to improve the learning skills and emotional well-being of their pupils. The Base Tutor should be your first point of contact for any issues you may wish to discuss with the school concerning your child.

The school day is structured as follows:

Each house is represented by its own mascot, colour and is led by a Head of House. Each house is named after important aspects and experiences of William Robertson’s life, who the school is named after. Belonging to your house community allows you to take part in a wide range of inter-house activities. The results of all these events count towards the award of the house trophy at the end of each school year.

House Name Chitral House Dragoon House Lancer House Simla House
Head of House Mr D Costello Mr I Statham Mrs C Mower Mrs E Brewin
House Colour Blue Red Green Yellow
Sir William
Chitral is one of the mountainous states bordering India on the North. Sir William Robertson worked in intelligence with the 'Chitral Relief Force'. In June 1888 Sir William Robertson was made second Lieutenant in the third Dragoon Guards. 'Queens 16th Lancers' was the first regiment that Sir William Robertson worked with at the age of 17. The British Headquarters in India where Sir William Robertson served in 'intelligence'. People were chosen for their significant ability.