Sir William Robertson Academy’s aim is for all of our pupils to Aspire to be the best that they can be and this core principle drives our vision for curriculum content, sequencing and delivery.

The intent for the History department includes being at the forefront of History education practice. The aim is that students develop a deep and broad knowledge of the history of the country, continent and world in which they live and can make connections and think critically about that knowledge. The intention is that students will develop rich schemata of substantive knowledge and develop their conceptual understanding of History as a discipline by considering change over time; diversity of experiences; historical significance and the causes and consequences of historical phenomena. Students will also develop their procedural understanding in relation to evidential thinking and the analysis of historical interpretations. In this way students will be prepared for the next stage of education and life as they possess the knowledge and critical thinking to engage with society. The intention is that staff are supported in terms of workload, collaborative working environments and ownership and responsibility for their classes and their practice. It is also the intention that staff have access to the latest training and educational research as well as opportunities to contribute to that research themselves.