Our students will learn about landscape, flora and fauna, the atmosphere, people and culture, the built environment and political territories in other subjects; however, geography is the only discipline in which our pupils will learn about how the relationships between these elements will differ through space and time.

Studying geography therefore helps unlock the truth about the world in which they live. It is this pursuit of truth which distinguishes disciplinary knowledge from everyday social and cultural knowledge and is the cornerstone of our curriculum.

A good geography curriculum takes place in a climate of high expectations; in line with the SWRA ethos of ‘Aspire’ we will inspire our pupils, through the exploration of geographical issues, to have no-limits or boundaries, we will seek to build their confidence to such an extent they believe they have to ability, and right to challenge the world in which they live.  This requires taking students beyond their lived experiences, challenging misconceptions and making sense of complex interactions between human and physical phenomena over space and time. 

Our curriculum is built around geographical enquiry. All topics explored by the students will be structured in way which encourages pupils to ask questions, seek their own answers, and debate will be part of every learner’s journey through each key stage.  Enabling learners to make sense of the world in which they live through geography enquiry will be our corner-stone.