We are an accredited centre for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your teamwork and leadership, as well as learn new skills. This national award is also very highly regarded by both Employers and Universities. The award consists of four sections; skill, physical, volunteering and the expedition. The skill is all about improving at a hobby, e.g. cooking, photography etc. The physical can be a sport or other physical activity. This could be a team sport, or individual. The volunteering is anything where you give your time up for other people, so helping at a cubs or brownie pack, walking an elderly neighbour’s dogs etc. The expedition section involves learning basic survival skills then planning and completing an unaccompanied two day expedition.

Mr Fowler and Miss Graves co-ordinate the SWRA Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Students can talk to them about the current programme.

If you would like to know more, please click on the links below, have a look at www.dofe.org

Kit List for Expeditions

Programme Ideas

If you would like some help with ideas for what to do for your skill, physical and volunteering sections, here are some ideas:

Volunteering Programme

Physical Programme

Skills Programme

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