Art is a comprehensive area of visual, emotional, expressive and tactile concepts. It allows a child to explore their imagination, to express and communicate thoughts and feelings. Art develops the capacity for creative thought and action and the ability to make critical judgements; through it, children have distinct ways of apprehending and challenging reality. It reflects cultural identity and transmits cultural heritage. It thrives on new ideas. Within it, all children can find enrichment and reward.

The Art & Design curriculum at Sir William Robertson Academy is stimulating and vibrant, embracing both two and three-dimensional work. We aim to encourage creativity and imagination. The creative process is a balance of thinking and acting creatively. It involves taking risks in order to progress and produce original outcomes.

Our curriculum has been designed to cater to all abilities and aptitudes for this subject, promoting spiritual and cultural awareness. A range of techniques, processes and methods, using traditional media will prepare our students to demonstrate creativity and confidently develop an interest in the world as they experience it. We wish to encourage all pupils to see the value of their own work and have the ability to make informed judgements on the work of others.

Within the department we embed a basic skill set of formal elements: line, tone, shape and form, colour, texture and pattern. Students immerse themselves in the fundamental practical skills required to construct and deconstruct concepts and forms from KS3 to KS5. This is achieved through the understanding of the formal elements and applying them into a series of visual works. Observational study is a core component of the basic skills and drawing from real things is a key starting point in many of the projects. Projects can vary from year to year but are linked to the basic skills.

We are committed to developing students’ knowledge of Art history including contemporary concepts and advances in art. We nurture creativity by helping students to establish original purpose and intention in their work – stimulating and rewarding curiosity and exploration by encouraging confidence and the willingness to take risks, building on intrinsic motivation and facilitating opportunities for choice and discovery.

We create opportunities for all students to access an inclusive and personally differentiated curriculum appropriate to their individual aspirations. We develop the individual through independent and collaborative work.

Homework is an important part of the curriculum and the use of a sketchbook encourages independence, imagination and good practice.

Art is a crucial ingredient in the making of the UK’s creative life, the creative industries being the fastest growing economic sector.