Please see the link below to the local authorities advice for school transport from September 2020.

Covid-19 Information for School Transport

Head Teachers Message

The Local Authority guidance to all schools makes the following clear – which we should like parents to reinforce with their children:

‘Please support your child to maintain social distancing while queuing at bus stops.’
‘Social distancing is not required on dedicated school transport, however, social distancing should always be maximised within vehicles wherever possible. This is in line with Government guidance because:

• the overall risk to children and young people from coronavirus (COVID-19) is very low
• they do not mix with the public on these journeys
• dedicated school transport carries the same group regularly. These children may also be together in school
• it allows for planning to put appropriate protective measures in place

There is no requirement for children to sit in their school bubble on dedicated school transport. However, where possible, children should try to sit within their bubbles and be socially distant. When leaving a vehicle, children will be asked to leave from the front to the back, one deck at a time.’