At SWRA we ASPIRE to deliver a high quality, relevant and challenging business curriculum which provides opportunities for students to explore real business issues and understand how businesses work, to effectively become entrepreneurial, employable and independent individuals. 

Business is a rich and varied subject that prepares individuals for all aspects of working life. No matter what industry students will eventually find themselves in after their studies, they will need to work successfully and understand the nature of working in an organisation and with other people. Business is a broad and fascinating subject that keeps evolving due to the ever-changing world that we live in, and is one of the most international studied subjects in the world as it provides a diverse range of career opportunities from accounting, human resource management, marketing to starting your own business.

Business is an option subject that students select to study at Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5. The courses offered are technical alternatives from the NCFE examination board, which covers a combination of both theoretical and synoptic project components. The qualifications are designed to engage and inspire all pupils to meet their aspirations with confidence, ready for the next stage of their life either in further education or a career. The courses demonstrate the interrelated nature of business using business theories, models and financial techniques to support analysis and evaluation of business issues. Many of our students progress to study Business at university or take up employment through business apprenticeships.